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Concerning my thoughts as to the ongoing phenomenon of our, the human race’s imminent destruction and my beliefs pertaining to what comes after

July 29, 2011

This evening coming home on the bus I was thinking, just a little casual thinking… nothing serious mind you, of the fate of the human race in general. I found my views on the subject to be very decidedly optimistic, or drearily pessimistic depending on, of course, your perspective. You see, I have great faith in the human race, not in their judgment, god forbid,but in the fact that I have found humans, like all insects, to be really hard to kill. Of course it is easy to kill somebody especially with less and less stringent gun laws, but the fact is that as with mosquitoes, rabbits and germs, you just can’t kill them all. I figure that even if global warming or nuclear war sends us all spinning into hell there will still be some idiot humans out there riding horses and stuff. I almost certainly won’t be one but that’s okay, I’ve always wondered what the afterlife is like.

The reason I believe in the afterlife is that it is comforting. My mind cannot fathom the thought of not existing, not thinking for all eternity that doesn’t exist. After all, I’ve been around since as long as I can remember. Sometimes I think that heaven might be like an airport with free snacks. A place where souls waiting to catch their life can sit back and rest for a few eons. But that would mean rebirth and the thought of there being no big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is infinitely depressing. My reaction would be somewhat akin to this: “Whaddya mean there’s no gold at the end of the rainbow?? NO! The rainbow is most certainly NOT prize enough!! Look pal, I don’t care who you are but I’ve been waiting my whole life for this so do not spoil the moment for me!!!” I suppose I’d have to live with it. Maybe I could come back as someone smart the next time.

Anyways that brings us to our next topic, namely being… oh gudarnitt! I forgot!

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